53977 - Innocent New Girl Sits on my Face! (Part 1 of 2)

Nadia and a friend of hers stayed over one night for drinks and a movie. The girl asked what I did for a living so I told her about 'Masorotica Productions' and she became interested in the kinds of things we did. We were all pretty drunk and open about everything and one thing led to another.Nadia kept encouraging her to give it a try telling her how empowering it feels to have a guys face trapped under her ass. After talking about it for a while she just asked "can I sit on your face too?". My jaw just dropped to the floor! I was shocked to hear the words come out of her mouth. She's not dominant or mean at all, she's actually a really nice girl with a kind spirit which is why her words shocked me so much!In the clip Nadia gives her advice and teaches/guides her to sit on my face. The new girl is afraid to hurt me but Nadia makes sure she smothers me under there! The new girl even tries bouncing a little on my face. She asked that her face not be filmed so of course we respected her wish and did not film her face.This is a rare clip and probably the only time she'll ever shoot with us! It has a very 'amateurish look' to it which i personally love because that's what we're all about. Everything in this clip is real, unscripted, and not acted. Doing this was a spur of the moment and shot at 2am in the morning. This is your typical sweet 'girl next door' trying facesitting for the first time! A one of a kind clip!

53977 - Innocent New Girl Sits on my Face!   (Part 1 of 2)