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186662 - Best Facesitting Vol.2

This video is dedicated to our many FACESITTING LOVERS. Twelve years of Facesitting scenes from our films, concentrated in 1 hour top notch action.This second compilation is absolutely incredible; much sexier and hotter than ever! If you are a Facesitting Fan, this video is definitively FOR YOU!

186662 - Best Facesitting Vol.2

186182 - Facesitting without warning - small version

At first the slave has no idea what is in store for him. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane have tied him down to the floor without telling him why. Only when Queen Hanna stands over him and comes closer and closer to his face with her jeans ass does he figure out what will happen... She sits down! Queen Hanna sits with her jeans ass firmly on his face and enjoys torturing the slave with hard facesitting. This also pleases Mistress Jane, so the girlfriends take turns. I wonder how long the slave can stand it for?

186182 - Facesitting without warning  - small version